Director Patty Jenkins Signs Deal to Return for 'Wonder Woman 2'

One of the only bright spots in a summer full of duds was Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, which defied the odds and became the highest grossing film of the entire summer here in the U.S. Warner Brothers was quick to announce that a sequel would be coming in 2019, but neglected to tie any creative types to the announcement. Thankfully that's all been put to bed now as Jenkins has signed a deal to return for the sequel. 

According to Variety, Jenkins signed a record-smashing deal to return as writer, producer, and director for the Wonder Woman sequel due in theaters on December 13, 2019—though I'd watch for that date to change if Episode IX doesn't sign a new director soon. So just how big is this deal for Jenkins herself? Substantial...

While an exact number could not be unveiled, sources say the number is in the $8 million dollar range to write, direct and produce making her the highest paid female director of all time. A substantial backend of box office grosses is also included in the contract.

It's funny to think that Patty Jenkins almost directed Thor: The Dark World, and while that certainly would have been a much different and likely better film under her direction, I'm glad that deal fell apart because it gave us her version of Wonder Woman. Which was spectacular. The first film is available now on Digital HD and hits Blu-ray and DVD one week from today.

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