FBF: Candice Swanpoel Sextastic Mad Max Metal Pokies

Burning Man is the bougie Mad Max music festival in the middle of the desert where chic attendees poop in their own buckets. Nobody makes the affair look more glamorous than supermodel sensation Candice Swanpoel, who showed off her curvilicious body in an Instagram picture during last year's festival.

Swanpoel looks like she's ready for battle, and her sexy combat gear comes complete with tiny booty shorts and metal pokie protectors. Thank God those are safe. Of course, I probably don't need to tell you that this outfit also affords us a skintastic inner thigh peek as well as ample battle-ready underboob. The twenty-eight-year-old hot mamma wasted no time getting her body back into Victoria's Secret shape after giving birth earlier this year. Hopefully the MILF hasn't hung up her post apocalyptic desert survival gear yet.


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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