One Leg Sexy Miss BumBum

I've waited for plenty of things in my day. Having the pleasure of making love to a one legged lady with braces just happened to be in my top ten of my list. Not because I have too much time to peruse the World Wide Web for new ways of tickling my fancy. But because women with braces know what discrimination feels like. The smile on this hot young ladies face is from being happy with herself first. And I always enjoy that kind of happiness. It's the best kind. 

I also like a woman with tattoos. It gives character. And let's me know she might enjoy a cold brew with me. I don't do well with the stuck up city types. Business in the front and party in the back means just that. No need to be so uppity because you have more paved roads than me. One Leg Miss Bum Bum you are welcome to dinner at my place whenever your scheduling clears up. 

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Photo Credit: Splash News

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