Bella Thorne Twerktastic Bikini


Everyone's favorite demure petunia Bella Thorne is back with more Insta goodness in the form of fishnet pants and a tiny bikini. Thorne takes her casual attire for a spin by bumping and grinding like she's working for singles, all to get that perfect Insta video. For as much as people love to complain about Thorne, more than enough of you click on her posts to make them worthwhile. Supply and demand, my friends. And after seeing this bootylicious gyrating, I can't deny that you have good taste.

The nineteen-year-old attended the Billboard Hot 100 concert, and made plenty of time to hang out with her fans, who enjoy her... singing? Acting? Modeling? Tattooed eyebrow appreciation? Whatever it is you do, Bella, keep doing it in thongs. 


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