Paris Jackson In Bikini, Gets Wild With Gal Pal (VIDEO)


I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, but are you for real? Paris Jackson took to Instagram yesterday to share some insanely hot peeks at her pool get together with some friends in Los Angeles. The nineteen-year-old pop heiress shows off her body in a white-hot bikini in two pictures and one very interesting video posted on her Instagram Story. 

In the clip, Jackson appears about as chill as can be while smoking and listening to music. Her friend Baylee Barton, on the other hand, is at a ten, and gyrates before collapsing onto an affectionate Jackson. Those of you dissatisfied with the video quality will be glad to see that Paris' sex appeal is more than apparent in two pictures - one in which she rides an inflatable slice of pepperoni pizza. After you check out Jackson, that pepperoni won't be the only inflated meat. Amirite. No, I'm not? Oh well. 


Photo Credit: Instagram

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