Lindsey Pelas Bikini and Cleavage At The Beach

Seeing Lindsey Pelas nearly bursting out the top of her bikini makes me wonder which bastard is responsible for making a material strong to keep her twins contained, and where can I find him to deal out some justice? I thought as long as Wonder Woman still had use for her rope we would be in good shape, but clearly I was wrong. One consolation is that she seems to be taking the junior high tactic of wearing a slightly smaller top, really pushing the limits of modern engineering.  

From her humble beginnings modeling for Playboy, who would have could have foreseen her meteors rise, I mean, her meteoric rise? It is so refreshing to see a success story in such a cutthroat industry. But how could she not succeed? It seems impossible to snap a picture of this goddess at an unflattering angle, but that should not discourage someone from trying to get one at every angle.  

With over six million followers on social media, clearly, I am not the only one to see she has been endowed with great…potential. And I plan on seeing that potential again, and again, and again. 


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