Lily Collins Captured in Sextastic Swimwear on Vacation in Italy

Lily Collins is on my list of future ex-wives. I see it being a short and largely bitter relationship marked by one stellar honeymoon week of happiness and nonstop oral fixations. I'd take that in a heartbeat. 

The extremely conservative celebrity model and thespianic is rarely seen without multiples layers of designer clothing, or in the least, sweatshirts and coverings. She's definitely on one end of extreme in terms of skin shows for modern hotties. Not the fun end either. None of which takes away from my desperation to leer at her naked female form as I have imagined it so many times during the happiest of daydreams.

Thus, what a find to catch Lily on vacation in a couple swimsuits. I hesitate to call them alluring wardrobe. Something more along the lines of Catholic school girl being monitored by the nuns during pool day. Nevertheless, a provision of skin rarely offered by the sextastic brunette. And only making me steam that much more. She can actually let loose, at least a little. The next obvious step is, let loose a lot. C'mon, Lily, when in Rome. Enjoy.



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Photo Credit: Backgrid / Splash News

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