Elizabeth Hurley Actually Ageless Cleavage In Sexy Pics

Everyone's favorite actually ageless vampire, Elizabeth Hurley, triumphs over daylight to show off her epic body in three new Instagram pictures. Hurley claims that her human form is fifty-two years old, but most people wouldn't bat an eye if she said she was in her thirties.

For National Bikini Day the mother of one snapped a steamy selfie while wearing a hot pink string bikini. The next day she one-upped herself by posting a bendy yoga pic in the same barely-there garb, and finally, yesterday we got some insane cleavage in a revealing purple one piece. If you're going to go on a bender, make sure it's an Instagram boob bender.

Hurley is one of the few actresses to maintain her sex appeal without undergoing treatment from a maniacal doctor hellbent on turning hot actresses into The Joker cosplayers. The Jack Nicholson Joker. Whether we owe Hurley's continued hotness to genetics, highly-skilled medical professionals, or the cursed life of a vampire, we'll never have our fill. 


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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