Christina Milian Red Bikini Hotness Poking Out in Miami

Christina Milian may have an oddly constructed bikini, but there's nothing but hotly constructed petite curvaceous MILF body on display when she gets down to the business of beach exhibition time in Miami. This time complete with the red look-at-me two piece and her sweltering pokies and curves that make men hurt their necks along the Sunshine State shoreline.

Christina knows her reputation as a hottie follows her. Along with me hiding under a fake shrubbery with my binoculars. There's no possibility of slouching during beach promenading time. That includes adding moisture to the equation. As well as a healthy doses of boobtastic and asstastic swimsuit combo. It's a must this time of the year. Actually, all times of the year.

It's unclear what path Christina is on professionally. Reality show something or other it seems. Provided she keeps providing the hot peeks, she can call herself a dentist for all I care. My teeth are certainly feeling a tingle. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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