Bella Thorne Naked For Bathtime Fun


Bella Thorne gets wet and wild for some sexy new photos while strategically (but not strategically enough) covering her nude body in the tub. The starlet is often embroiled in celebrity scandal and intrigue, but it's times like these that remind us of why we showed up to the party. Her amazing, tight body.

In the hot new pictures from photographer Damon Baker, the nineteen-year-old Thorne sports bright red hair, an armful of bracelets, and that's... pretty much it. While she does her best to cover her rubber duckies with her arms, they still manage to make cameo appearances. Whether Bella is fake dating Gregg Sulkin or Scott Disick, she's always one of our favorite stars to follow. And this is why. So, does Bella make you.... Thorne-y? Sorry. Had to.  


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Photo Credit: Instagram 

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