‘Sin City’ Headed to the Small Screen in New Adaptation



In the age of modern television, where epic story lines can get the long form treatment they deserve, Frank Miller's Sin City seems like a great bet for the small screen. If you've ever thought as much, you're not alone, as The Weinstein Company has announced that they'll be bringing his graphic novel collection right into your homes. 

Details are scant at best at the moment, as all we know at this moment is that former Walking Dead and The Shield showrunner Glen Mazzara and Underworld helmer Len Wiseman are teaming up to bring this new endeavor to life. I imagine it will have to live on a premium channel or streaming service that openly embraces the series' rampant violence, foul language, and copious sex and nudity, but thankfully there's enough of those outlets now that the series is sure to find a voice on one of them. 

The project is purported to be a standalone effort, not necessarily related to the two Robert Rodriguez-directed films, but set in that same world with many of those same characters. Whatever direction they decide to go in, this is sure to be a can't miss proposition for fans of the series. We'll keep you up to date with the latest info as it comes in, but sound off in the comments section below on who you'd like to see play some of the series' main characters! 

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