Sarah Silverman Busty in Black for Hollywood Shindig


Sarah Silverman may not be your political cup of tea, but in terms of comedian dishes of Forties and Faptastic bodies, the lady laugher has it going on in the decked out in black for fancy Hollywood event category. Imagine another female comedian trying to work the same look. It's hard. I mean, imagining. Also seeing Sarah in a busty tight black dress.

Sarah's lack of fear even for going full frontal naked in her movie roles has led us to dub her "one of us", or "one of her, that we all ogle". It's quite an honor for any woman. She's working hard for her veteran show worthy figure and it shows. There's no reason you can't be funny and sextastic. Or neither, I cry a little there. Sarah, the gowns are cute, but let's get back to the business of being one of five or so actresses in Hollywood who work topless. There's important work left to be done. Enjoy.


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Photo credit: Splash News

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