Sara Sampaio Bikini Sextastic for Vogue


Sara Sampaio lights up the tingle control centers in a man's anatomical structure when she gets about to going about being in various bikinis for even the ladies fashion magazines such as Vogue Turkey. The Portuguese swimsuit and lingerie model who's become a V.S. staple, unleashes her full sultry in various water wet swimsuits and alluring gazes into the camera.

Sara's faptastic female form alone would do the trick. But when the slicked backed brunette hottie gets to giving those daring gazes, you might as well pack up the suitcases and move out of the world of reason and sanity. You are firmly in her clutches. Well, not as firmly as you might hope, but consider yourself irrationally hooked. Sara and her bikinis are deep into your primal instincts and not letting go. I run with the feeling. It's really the emotion that makes me feel most human. Thank you for drawing that out, Sara. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Vogue Turkey

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