Nina Dobrev Hot Bikini And Wet Scrunched Up Thong in Hawaii


Talk about a double whammy of hot lady firepower. CW's sextastic vamp Nina Dobrev took to the beaches of Honolulu in a sea-faring bikini getup that includes a killer top around her sensuous curves and an even more fun times red bottom that scrunched up around her fun lady parts like heaven here on earth.

Nina's been tempting our tingling fates for many years now, bringing out that ridiculously hot body and boobtastic posed allure that literally demands to be wet and barely covered in Spandex. Her bikini body is beyond righteous. And were I her moist thong, I know where I'd be clinging. It's kind of perfect. Now imagine she comes back to your hotel room together after a beach paddling day. Oh, my dripping thong over the shower. So damn hot. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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