Melissa Riso Low Cut Little Dress Working It in L.A.


Somebody definitely polished and waxed the fun time funbags of tanned beach hottie Melissa Riso before she hit the L.A. night spot scene in her very low cut, very short dress. Which kind of makes me jealous since that's my specialty. Wax on, wax off. Or just the first part. And that's not wax.

Melissa has ben hustling her lady curves catching breaks here and there in the rough and tumble world of sextastic young lady modeling. First rule, never turn down a gig unless it involves climbing into the back of a van. Especially my van. It's a trap. Or a test.  Or I just want a pretty girl to see my cute puppies. Hint, it's a single puppy. 

Melissa, with that body, you're going to go far. Lust is at the heart of so much decision making in this and every other town. And thankfully so. Until I hear a better system, I'm going with the girl who produces the most happy tingly feelings ought win. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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