Kate McKinnon and Scarlett Johansson Looking Good at the 'Rough Night' Premiere


The new girl power comedy Rough Night looks an awful lot like a female recast of Very Bad Things from 1998, but that may be beside the point, because all-female movies bring out all females to premieres and promotional events, so at some level complaining makes you the guy not happy with the local bikini car wash. It's not novel, but it's always a good thing.

Kate McKinnon looked particularly pert and pretty at the event for an improv comedian, along with movie co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Kravitz led a list of largely women down the crimson carpet for the Los Angeles premiere. This may be a good date film to remind your lady how much you care about what she wants, while still obviously seeing hot women showing off their cleavage in the film. Think like a winner, plan ahead, and never forget your Egotastic roots. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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