Hilary Duff Cleavetastic Dress For All Hands at Attention


Hilary Duff went ahead and looked like a million damn hot dollars for the Tonight Show. A cleavage baring number to remind everybody in the viewing area that you lusted after her fifteen years ago, err, ten years ago, and you do so even more now if you're stranger danger parts could speak for themselves.

It's hard to imagine Hilary isn't even yet thirty. She's been enticing us with her blonde girl next door with killer funbags thing for some time now. Also that whole I got married had a kid and got divorced a couple years ago makes her seem older. But the fact is, she's only now entering her hottie prime. When she's past all the silly girl years and into fully blossomed MILFtastic. It shows. I'm looking. More of these dresses please, Ms. Duff. Undergarments as always, completely optional. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Backgrid

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