Birthday Girl: 16 Reason Not To Forget About Nicole Scherzinger


Over a decade has passed since we did indeed wish our girlfriends were hot like Pussycat Dolls ringleader Nicole Scherzinger, and we're here today to say that nothing has changed. While the chart-topping girl group has officially disbanded, Scherzinger has had no trouble maintaining her deserved place in the spotlight. 

In addition to competing on Dancing with the Stars and appearing on reality singing fare like X-Factor, Scherzinger reminds us about her caREAR on the reg thanks to the blessed Instagram. At thirty-nine-years-old, the Hawaii native is as smoking hot as ever, and she isn't afraid to back up her hotness with tons of sexy bikini posts - some featuring grade-A twerking. Head to the gallery and reacquaint yourself with this Doll's parts...


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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