Birthday Girl: 12 Times Lizzy Caplan's Bod Was On-Screen Perfection


It seems like everyone has had Lizzy Caplan on the brain ever since her starring role on the Showtime series Masters of Sex. The sexy brunette turned out to be a master of sex appeal on the raucous show, where she stripped down almost too many times to count. With her adorable face, tight bod, and literally perfect melons, Caplan is hotter than ever on her thirty-fifth birthday.

While we unfortunately can't be with Caplan on her big day (because someone hasn't responded yet to our cyber stalking. We're waiting...), we can thankfully check her out in all her glory thanks to her beyond-sexy on-screen performances. Head to the gallery to see why Lizzy makes us dizzy and has our hands covered in... something.


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Photo Credit: Mr. Skin

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