Which Sextastic Celebrities Have the Finest Cleavage?


The line "My eyes are up here" won't do any of these celebrities any good today, because we are indeed here to check out rocking racks from gorgeous ladies with the best cleavage in Hollywood. With all of the celebrities out there and the countless ways in which they can share their blessings with us, we are rarely left wanting for peeks at peaks. But the fourteen girls on this list hands down deliver the goods better than any of their competitors.

Not only do these celebrities have funbags that they could use as flotation devices (a feature that Scarlett Johansson appears to be taking full advantage of), but they also know how to put on one hell of a display showing some skin in sexy outfits. Actresses from Salma Hayek to Alexandra Daddario love flaunting their money makers as much as we love drooling over them, and for that we say, God breast you girls. Sorry. 


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