Sara Sampaio See Through Dress And Thong In Cannes


See-through is definitely in this year at Cannes. The festival organizers and other ancient people have put their foot down in the past on women going off the reservation with unisex clothing options, though anything feminine and revealing seems to be super cool. I can't say I disagree with the crusty old Frenchmen on this one.

Sara Sampaio joined the hotness parade of super models and lingerie lovelies on the red carpet for no cinematic reason other than alluring women need to be at any great party. She flashed her white thong undies beneath her see-through dress, which while consisting of eight ounces of material in total likely costs more than your car. Mine for sure. I can only afford three wheels. Though don't think I can't take you somewhere nice in in your thong, Sara. This man has a coupon collection like you would not believe. That body on yours is worth one of my 2-fors at Sizzler. Double yum. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Splash News

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