Niykee Heaton's Instaboobs Will Melt Your Face Off (VIDEO)


Every once in a while, you come across an Instamodel so stunning that you assume you died and went to Instaheaven, where you're surrounded by Instaboobs and Instabutts for the rest of eternity. Except, the nips have actually been freed. The scorchingly hot Niykee Heaton has been putting her best assets to good use on social media for quite some time. The self-identifying pop sensation doesn't miss an opportunity to flaunt her squeezalicious butt in tiny thongs, and of course, she doesn't leave her magnificent mams out of the picture.

In addition to her perky pics, Heaton provides this sextastic video in which a see-through bra affords us a peek at her teat tips. If Heaton doesn't give you an Instaboner, nothing will.


Photo Credit: Instagram

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