Nineteen Hottest Celebrities Known By One Name


You know you've reached superstardom, or just chosen one hell of a catchy name, when the general population can identify you with just one word. Madonna has superseded her inspiration the Virgin Mary herself in name recognition. Jewel hasn't had a hit in fifty-four years and yet the word "Jewel" still conjured images of an adorable snaggle-toothed songstress with a rack that will not quit.

Possibly most impressive is Britney, who has branded one of the most common names in America. If you name your daughter Britney, she will be expected to rebound from a highly-publicized public meltdown with auto-tuned albums and a Las Vegas residency. It's prescribed. 

Our point is that the hotness of the ladies on this list can be summed up with just one word. And no, it's not "Dayum." Although it should be.


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