Nabilla Benattia Bikini Hot French Girl Time in Malibu Shoot


Nabilla Benattia caught some fame for her body and soul back in her home country of France and staked a claim for the same but bigger in the Americas. Has she found everything she'd hoped for in terms of a reality show bump up into the big time? Not exactly. These things they do take time. And in the interim, it's nice to know you're carrying around the tools to pay the rent.

Nabilla signed on for a wicked hot bikini shot of shots for that darned water company that makes more visual wonderments than H20. The brunette sextastic forms the most natural and naughty of bikini positions for this memorable leering time of her mams and sweet female form. Does she drink this water? Who knows. Would you pound a gallon if she tugged at her bikini and smiles and ask you to nicely. Absolutely. These are the ways of the world. Fighting them only takes time and energy. Who has either of those. Slender hot job, Nabilla. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

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