Elizabeth Gillies Sextastic Flapper Look To Die For


Underrated hottie and former Nick TV starlet Elizabeth Gillies and her fine female form took to the guise of a hardcore party flapper of the 1920's for a bit of unique alluring on camera. Maybe she's a 60's "it" girl. I get my eras confused when I'm leering so definitively hard at Elizabeth's body in motion and literally smoking.

Not every former kid TV star can pull off this all grown up femme fatale dazzler thing as in this Benjo Arwas shoot. Elizabeth fits it with some ease of experience and vibe. She may be wearing one or a thousand too many tassels over her full-sized funbags of happiness, but if you give her a dance, perhaps those come off. I've never done well with women in complicated clothing. I'm all thumbs. Elizabeth, comes prepared to unzip thyself. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit:Benjo Arwas

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