Bella Thorne Thong Snaps


Bella Thorne simply won't stop sharing her bikini and revealing bodily shots on Snapchat. Based on Snapchat's financials, she may be one of the last one's, but if she is, it's still worth the free price of admission. I suppose somebody could tell Bella to pull back on the boobtastic and booty baring selfies and videos, but then, we'd have to kill that person for ruining all the fun. Seems risky.

In her latest and greatest self-sextastic visual promotion, Bella shows off her top and bottom in tiny thong bikini which shows off her stellar asstastic as well as her even prominent, enhanced lovely yams. She's quite the perfect bit of showoff and tease for a social media age siren. You either own the medium or the medium owns you. Bella's in the former camp and us quietly leering and drooling set are the beneficiaries. How much of her lip gloss or sneakers are you buying? Precisely. This is the best priced show in town. Enjoy.



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Photo Credit: @bellathornedab / Snapchat

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