Barbara Palvin and Paris Hilton Kick It Hottie Style for LOreal Gala


Cannes is really all about the parties. Craptastic films aside, ninety percent of the good looking people who descend about the South of France this week of the year have nothing to do with making movies. Well, minus that one Paris Hilton did make to become super famous. It's all about the parties. Big, lavish, galas. What's the difference between a gala and a party? How many sextastic famous women you can get to show up in gowns?

That would include the likes of Billionaire Barbie, Barbara Palvin, Alexina Graham, and other decked out ladies of the evening, as it were, to celebrate L'Oreal celebrating something about itself. It's all good. Two percent of the funds raised go to charity. The other ninety-eight percent to caviar and champagne. If a good cover story is needed to bring the good looking ladies out to show off, invent one. We can deal with the moral questions once the allure has died down. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Splash News

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