Aussie Hottie Sammy Mitchell Bikini Photoshoot in Miami


Everybody who's anybody who's wicked hot and passion inducing in a bikini is in Miami these past few weeks. While bikini models know no specific Spring Break, they're not immune to the increased competition in South Florida come the vernal equinox and the arrival of amateur coeds who've been hitting the elliptical machine for 30 days hardcore to fit into their new bikinis. 

But the pros have a few tricks up their sleeves. Like being toned and fit 365 days a year on a diet of lettuce and air and tons of Pilates classes. Hard to beat the likes of Aussie beautiful person Sammy Mitchell engaged in a bikini bit of visual wonderment for the cameras in Miami. So effortless, so hot. The Down Under girls are simply born to be stunning within fifteen feet of an ocean body. Who knows how nature's mysteries truly work. It's better to simply applaud and look dumbfounded. Sometimes the pretty girls will come over to offer you assistance. Pity is my greatest weapon. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

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