Paris Jackson Forced Into Sports Bra, It's Not What You Think


You know that Paris Jackson and the rest of all of us are the two least biggest proponents of bra wearing in this world. We both know a bra serves no purpose other than to make amazing dreams a little less amazing. That and elastic marks on the skin. Who needs that? Not you, hot young woman with special sized racktastic.

Paris has been promenading famously about town the past year or two sans undergarments up top, providing a special viewing of her melons and pierced headlights. That may be your thing, it may not, but you have to appreciate the show-woman-ship either way. Paris again took to L.A. without the brassiere, but for a film shoot that required her to change into a sports bra. I'm kind of torn here. The idea of top changes and Paris Jackson are thrilling, but why the sports bra? Shouldn't she be, oh, I don't know, topless!

One day soon I think we shall see such delights. For now, we graciously thank Paris for her advocacy on behalf of free-funbagging. If only others were all so brave. The sextastic ones I mean. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Fame Flynet

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