Olivia Munn es Muy Caliente en la Portada de Cosmopolitan México


I don't speak Spanish. Unfortunately this means I have no idea what Olivia Munn is on about in the new issue of Cosmopolitan México, another in a growing list of things I didn't know existed before today. On the list of things I do know is that she's no longer attached—having split with Brett Favre Jr. last week—but I don't know that she's officially back on the market yet. Not that it matters, I'm definitely going to take a run at her.

Here's another thing I know about Olivia. She's a mutant. Well, at least she played one in the movies. I also know that she turned down the girlfriend role in Deadpool to play Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, but we still don't know if that was a smart move. Before 2016, it certainly seemed like it, but now I don't know. So maybe that qualifies it as a thing I don't know. Either way, we both know it now, so there's that. 

If I ever did see Olivia out in public, I don't think I'd be giving her career advice. I'd mostly just be giving it to her.

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