Olivia Culpo Braless


If you're going to go shopping, who needs a bra? That's rhetorical. Bras are the devil in our ogling pursuits of the most sextastic celebrities out and about. Including most definitely Olivia Culpo who took the opportunity of a nice Spring day to omit the upper body undergarments for a simple day to tell the world, I have perfectly awesome funbags, why not take a closer look.

Olivia was out doing what she and her peers do best, upscale shopping and perhaps a little salad. Let the headlights breath a little, and the chest take on a little applause. Olivia isn't super big in the mams department. More like baby bear. Just right. The hottie former beauty queen turned celebrity turned dater of numerous famous guys knows how to make the simple seem super alluring. It's a trick. And a treat. As long as it's braless. I'm in. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: FameFlynet

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