Strictly Come Dancing's Ola Jordan Going Hot on Social


Score more points for the lust inducing blonde Polskis. The curvaceous ballroom dancing sensation Ola Jordan who Brits get to ogle on Strictly Come Dancing, makes sure her worldwide presence is felt by way of her social media sextastic show off. It's the new form of universal communication and nothing could be hotter. Certainly beats Esperanto. 

Ola reminds us that while ballroom dancing is inherently stuffy and silly and something you have to force a smile to attend with your girlfriend's parents if you draw the short straw, the TV aspect to the hobby has raised the good looking ladies ratio by an exponential factor. Hence, Ola Jordan and the other fine ladies of the dance we know from the American version of the show. I could watch dancers all day. Though less with the dancing and more the half naked exhibitionist photos. Now that's what I call dancing. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: @olajordan / Instagram

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