Sofia Richie and Pia Mia Perez Girlfriend Underwear Fun Time for Flaunt


What could be more beautiful than two young celebrity gossip women sharing each other's friendship and company while in their underwear in front of the camera? That's a trick question. Obviously the answer is nothing.

Sofia Richie, teen daughter of Lionel Richie and noted young gal about party town, and her bosom buddy, Pia Mia Perez, took to the pages of Flaunt magazine in their hose and bras and some fuzzy things to show what girls do when they hang out together. Or how men like me imagine they are during such times. Throw in some pillows and giggling and this is precisely what my scientific research shows. And it's exactly as hot I had always imagined when working in my lab. I'm not sure what these two have planned for their next girls night in, but I have some suggestions. I'll need to consult the Urban Dictionary for more precise terminology. So hot. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Flaunt magazine

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