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Selena Gomez has really grown into her role as pop star slash icon of something or other. Sort of this amorphous but super hottie petite style maven and female icon and most certainly Latina hottie. It's hard to describe what she does. It's easier to describe how she makes me feel. It's almost entirely tingles.

In the new edition of Vogue, Selena doesn't get super risque, but she shows enough of her sweet sultry goodness to set off an entire array of my Te Amo, Selena fantasies. I know she's into dating super famous celebrity type people, but I'm holding out hope that one day she realizes the sublime passion of pasty white bloggers with more yearning than cash. Where there's hope, there's promise. Maybe that's the other way around. I'm lost in prurient thought at the moment. Your fault, Selena. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Vogue magazine

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