Scarlett Johansson Hottie at Ghost in the Shell Premiere NYC


Naturally, Scarlett Johansson stole the show at the New York premiere for Ghost in the Shell. That's why she was cast in the first place. Marketing value and those wicked hot visuals. Not that she can't act, but she's not the only one. However, owning the hell out of magazines covers and red carpets, that's a much rarer skill.

Scarlett has kept the short hair thing going, which while we don't favor, complaining about would be akin to worry about the crackers she eats in her bed. Hot body. Check. Big bosom. Check. Her obscured nudity in the film isn't up to snuff with some of her more recent revealing efforts, but the woman definitely does not shy away from sharing her fine female form when the role demands. By sheer force of coincidence, the roles always demand. Enjoy.

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