Rachel McCord Bikini Hot Pimping the Agua


What can you say, youngest McCord sister Rachel McCord loves herself the overpriced bottled water. She's practically romancing it in her tight swimsuit and revealing beach bikini in this chilly weather Malibu photoshoot. 

The McCord sisters are like one of those great wrestling families where every time the older one goes into semi-retirement, a new young family member comes to the forefront. Though different in that when the McCord sisters get all sweaty and breathing heavy, it's pretty damn sextastic. We don't see much of AnnaLynne or Angel these days, but Rachel has stepped in nicely in a tight hot bikini body to fill the McCord shoes. Or barefoot. Or topless. Or pinching sweet bikini. Still not buying the water, but I'm all in on Rachel. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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