Rachel Cook Hot Model Pose Down Takes Her to 1,000,000 Followers


They don't just hand out a million Instagram followers. Maybe the Kardashians bought a few million, but for your bottom up hard working hotties, they all have to be earned the hard way. Or the easy way for us. Sharing lots and lots of amazing pictures of your ridiculous hot 21-year old model-ness. Rachel Cook is a sharer in just such a way.

The American born model has that special "it" quality of looking like she's completely disheveled and just out of bed, while looking perfect and making you wish she was just out of your bed. This Emily Abay photoshoot is but an example of Rachel's recent sextastic productions. That body, that tan, those eyes, that booty. It's the complete package. It only needs a ribbon and a gift receipt. As if you'd ever return Rachel. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Emily Abay

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