Paris Jackson Now Braless In a Michael Tee


There are those that say I only cover Paris Jackson because she simply and absolutely positively will not wear undergarments. Those people are at least half right, verging on seventy-five percent. It's hard to ignore a teen with tubes she refuses to harness behind any and all tops. That can be fashion modeling high end designs or walking around in her slippers and a t-shirt with her dad's name on it, her free-wheeling teats bouncing beneath.

Paris Jackson seems incredibly grounded for her age and background, right up to and including dumping her out of work musician boyfriend, if the woman likes the hippy vibe, all the power to her. And us, or those of us like myself who can't help but notice when a woman is traveling without teat support. What am I? Thirteen? In my mind, locked there for forever. Somebody hold me. Preferably a braless Paris Jackson. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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