Lauren Cohan Wicked Hot and Bothering Me in GQ Mexico


Lauren Cohan doesn't have the standard model looks so much as she has the looks of a woman you meet in a bar and every bone in your body tells you things are about to get crazy. I'd take that over model looks every day. Though I'd certainly take either. Or their less attractive sisters. My social calendar is fairly open.

The Walking Dead hottie took to the pages of GQ Mexico in this Greg Kadel photoshoot for a healthy does of showing off in true Lauren Cohan fashion. Like the most sextastic all grow'd up girl you'd ever know. In a tank top. And not a ton else. I do believe I'm in lust all over again, three times at least. Cohan's not Mexican, neither am I. But I'm surely imagining us spending a week in Cancun. I hear the beaches are beautiful. I never intend to leave the room. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: GQ Mexico

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