Hailey Baldwin and Sara Sampaio Exercise Beach Shoot


Winding your way down to Venice Beach to find two lovely models like Sara Sampaio and Hailey Baldwin engaged in some idiotic, yet fun peekaboo time photoshoot for some fashion brand is always the lottery winning kind of feeling. I thought I might get a little sun, dip my toes in the water, and now I'm staring at the behind of two sextastic women hanging off of parallel bars. Winner.

I've not seen the two work together before. One blonde, one brunette, the way I've drawn it up so many times in my menage-a-Bill dreams. If only this were thongs and not matronly swimsuits. Who wears this stuff? I mean, these fine lasses do their best to make it alluring, and they do. But you shouldn't have to need a chin-up bar to make it so. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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