Gabrielle Caunesil Wardrobe Malfunction During Hot Beach Shoot in Miami


Get to know the name Gabrielle Caunesil. If you can't name ten hot French swimsuit models off the top of your head, what kind of Egotastic man are you? Not thousands, that's my job. Just ten. That's your job. Please do include in that last the delightfully passion inducing hot bodied Gabrielle. She took herself and her fine female curvaceous form to Miami to model swimsuits and bikinis in the name of France. Also, perhaps a paycheck.

If you look closely, or repeatedly, you're certain to note that during one of her attempts to tease by bunching up her swimsuit top in her hand, she bunched a bit too much. Well, too much for her, just enough for us gentleman oglers who lust for ridiculously hot bodies, and lust times two when sweet headlights start appearing. This really looks like one marvelous mammarial snapshot. French style. So lots of butter and cream. Bring your Lactaid pills and your binoculars. Wicked hot! Enjoy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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