Chrissy Teigen LOVE Valentines Lingerie Party


After, 'Hey, where's my money?', the question I get asked the most is, 'How do you feel about that John Legend guy getting to make sloppy funbag sexy with Chrissy Teigen on a nightly basis and not you?'. I get weird questions. My answer is always the same. John who?

It was hard not to notice that lucky bastard in this Love Magazine Chrissy in lingerie ode to Valentine's romance featuring her stupid husband. So, we cut him out of all of the photos. You can see the full video with his male model mug if you want. As for me, I'll focus on the fine festive seasonal and otherwise Fifty Shades of Daddy Wants boobtastic show put on by Chrissy, officially MILFtastic, and bestowed upon her all the ogling honors therein. She's got that special funtime quality. No doubt. Ditch Mr. Pretty and come live with me for three hours, Chrissy. Find a nanny. Bill doesn't handle screaming well unless it's his own. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Love Magazine

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