Olivia Culpo Grown Up Hottie in Ocean Drive


Olivia Culpo has always been exceptionally underrated by Tinsel Town hottie standards. She has to blame herself partly for dating a long string of duds, most of whom had the poor taste to deny her intimate interaction on account of their personal beliefs, including the belief that men are hotter. Maybe it's bad luck or poor executive function, but she's cost herself in the rankings of what should be finest women in Hollywood. 

Olivia tends to go classy with her shoots, or the opposite of how we think normally. But since I'm quite sure I'll be Olivia's first boyfriend who begs for sexy sexy fun time, I had to share this all decked out for sextastic times look of hers in Ocean Drive magazine. Sure, this is meant for the female viewers. But they have no idea how the gentleman ogler imagination key works. Something like.. and when that dress comes off, what's underneath? Enjoy.

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Photo credit: Ocean Drive

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