Miriam and Olivia Nervo Aussie Swing Out Sisters Bikini Time in Miami


You know when somebody's listed as a DJ and electronic music artist I sort of tune out, stick in my earbuds, and listen to the guitar playing majesty of Angus Young. There's fake music and there's real music, and the former is certainly acceptable when it comes packaged in the form of sweet sextastic celebrities (as it so often does). 

Australian musical sisters and artists, composes, and whatever else they want to call themselves, Miriam Nervo (shorter hair) and Olivia Nervo, also known as the act, Nervo, took to Miami Beach for some down time in uptown two piece swimsuits. The sisters are quite big Down Under and in EDM circles where the bar is set kind of low and askance. Now you too can revel in their special talents, specifically the messengers of their media. There are worse things in life than ogling two Aussie blonde at the beach. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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