Madison Beer Suns Out Buns Out Black Swimsuit Buxom Allure


Madison Beer and her boyfriend sure are extending their Miami beach trip. I can't imagine what they could possibly be doing to warrant such a length stay away from any adult supervision. Perhaps I'll consult my crystals of Jor-El for a little education.

The benefit goes in part to us gentleman oglers, who get another chance to peruse kindly and innocently the not quite barely legal swimsuit body of Madison Beer. She was hard not to notice with her Buns Out Suns Out print motto on her tight black swimsuit. Naturally, it wasn't just her buns that were out. But I'd hardly quibble with her over a slogan. Especially when my tongue is kind of hanging out of my mouth and I can't speak. By pool or in the ocean, Madison Beer has simply been killing it this week in South Florida. Oh, all the things I must not say. But think, that's my right. Enjoy

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