Lisa Opie Black Swimsuit Revealing Goodness in Miami


Lisa Opie and her stringed up black revealing swimsuit makes me believe that if I tugged on one end of that string hard enough, her entire swimsuit would come crumpling down, revealing her sextastic goodness in its more natural state. Of course, I'd ask first. Or end up tugging myself. Sad night. Once again.

The former beauty pageant winner and all-around beach body hottie has made Miami her adopted home, a solid place to have beach worthy weather almost every single month of the year. If you're doing all that gym time to hone up your genetically blessed visual wonderments, why move somewhere requiring sweaters? That's rhetorical. Lisa's frontside and backside swimsuit alluring combo is downright must-be in South Florida. Or my living room. I can crank the thermostat up to 84. I mean, once I get the utilities turned back on. Minor accounting glitch. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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