Victoria Silvstedt Blonde Bikini Pool Time in St. Bart's


Victoria Silvstedt seems to have the Life of Reilly. Or however you describe moving from upscale beach resort, one to another, depending on the season and the place to see and be seen among the wealthy international set. In the case of Christmas holiday, St. Bart's is simply a must. I hear the Eden Roc is nice. Also approximating the cost of my annual rent per evening.

None of this matters to Victoria who firmly ensconced in the Forties and Faptastic club continues to show off her Swedish blonde curves, natural, unnatural, and otherwise, for the benefit of the upscale pool and beach side clientele. She already has an older billionaire boyfriend so there's no sense beyond peeking. And smiling. And pretending you're not peeking. Lower that smile, son, it's giving you away. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: PCN

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