Suki Waterhouse and Little Sister Immy Waterhouse Bikinis in Barbados


Everybody who is anybody who makes ten times my minimum wage salary heads to the islands for the Winter holidays. Especially if you're famous and hot as well as having a few bucks in the bank, places like Barbados welcome you with open arms, crystal clear waters, and some amazing escorts. The latter of which are probably less important to the likes of Suki Waterhouse and her little modeling Britty sister Immy Waterhouse. The two Waterhouses along with with their family in bikinis splashing along the warm Caribbean beaches.

Suki and Imma represent the sophisticate aristocratic wing of the modeling industry. Half the girls come from devastatingly impoverished rural villages; the other half from silver spoons and Western mansions. Somehow, they make it all work. I like to think it's all that behind the scenes lesbionics. In fact, I think about that a lot. Whilst perusing Immy's headlights in her bikini top most especially. I'm a man who requires a Muse. I see two up for grabs right here. Time to book my ticket to Barbados. Or Akron. Still deciding. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

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