Stella Maxwell VS Thongs for the Derriere of It All


Stella Maxwell isn't just super alluring because she's into sweet lesbionics with other sextastic celebrities, including currently Kristen Stewart who she gets down with on the regular. On the other hand, it doesn't hurt when you add it to her qualifications of being wicked hot and blonde and tall and lean and lust inducing.

Featured in the current edition of the Victoria's Secret sales-a-thon visual smorgasbord, Stella shows exactly how ridiculously hot one woman can look in one tiny little thing piece of material barely cover her most fun parts. A thong she wears so damn well. I bet she un-wears it even better. There's nothing I don't find alluring about Stella Maxwell, including imagining how precisely she tells Kristen Stewart where her buttons are to be pushed. Daddy wants. Thongs included. Enjoy.

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