Hailey Baldwin Hot Leotard for Love Advent



Hailey Baldwin's name got pulled in the lottery of the passion inducing young models gracing the moving pictures of the almost completed Love Advent calendar for December. And a good thing she made the cut. I didn't want to reach Christmas Day without seeing Hailey Baldwin sashaying and preening about half naked to music with extreme quick cuts. I might slow down those cuts were I in charge. Or stop cutting altogether and ask her her thoughts on slow sweaty making of the sexy.

The Love Advent calendar is really one of those annual treasures that keeps on giving annually. It's not always a super hit each day, and some of the kitschy gets a bit overly kitschy, but you must respect the game of any outlet that secures the visual wonderment services of dozens of the world's most sought after models for the purposes of providing ogling holiday content. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Love magazine


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